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1 in 10 people surveyed
report living with iron

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The Basics of Iron Deficiency Background Image

The Basics of Iron Deficiency

Learn more about the symptoms and causes of iron deficiency

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Bowel Disease Background Image

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD is the name for a group of conditions where your gastrointestinal tract becomes inflamed.

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Heart Failure Background Image

Chronic Heart Failure

CHF means that your heart is not working well enough to pump the blood your organs need and tissues need around the body.

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Women's Health

As a women there are times when you are more at risk of not having enough iron or when you might need extra iron.

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iPhone showing Iron Deficiency Life App

Explore the symptoms of iron deficiency.

Check your symptoms with the Symptom Browser app.

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Did you know that craving to eat non-food items could be a sign of #irondeficiency #pregnancy #RCOG
1 day ago
RT @GillianMaria: Let me just tell you...I am always tired. Doesn't matter how much sleep. ALWAYS TIRED. Curse you, iron
1 day ago
RT @TobyRichardsUCL: excellent article! Why Fit Women May Be Most At Risk Of Iron Deficiency - Women's Health https://t.
1 day ago
RT @master_usmle: Anemia: TIBC finding to differentiate iron deficiency vs. chronic disease TIBC levels at the: Top=Iron
1 day ago
RT @RestlessLegs: Secondary conditions causing #RLS include iron deficiency, varicose veins, and thyroid problem
1 day ago
RT @KidneyDisease11: Kidney Disease also causes hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia, metabolic acidosis, and iron deficiency
1 day ago
Study shows if a baby is not weaned onto solid food by eight months, s/he is at risk of iron deficiency #RCOG
1 day ago
Your baby gets 80% of the iron in needs to grow for its first 6 months in your last trimester #RCOG #pregnancy
1 day ago
Women need twice as much iron in their diet as men – are you getting enough? #RCOG #menstruation #irondeficiency
2 days ago
After about 6 months, your baby needs to get #iron from its diet #RCOG #weaning
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2 days ago
RT @FibroidsNoMore: #Fibroids that lead to heavy vaginal bleeding lead to anemia and iron deficiency
2 days ago
RT @RestlessLegs: The most commonly associated medical condition is iron deficiency (specifically blood ferritin below 5
2 days ago

Are You At Risk?

Certain long-term conditions and lifestyle choices can make iron deficiency more likely.

Click on the icons for more information.

Chronic Heart Failure

About 50% of heart failure patients have some form of iron deficiency, with and without anaemia.

There are many reasons why you may become iron deficient with chronic heart failure as multiple organs can be affected, including your intestines where iron is absorbed into your bloodstream.

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Up to half of people with Chronic Kidney Disease stages 2-5 have some form of iron deficiency. The general reasons for iron deficiency include frequent blood tests, reduced intake of iron-rich foods and inflammation.

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Other Risks

There are many conditions that are associated with iron deficiency. For example, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), restless leg syndrome (RLS) and special diets, for example if you are vegetarian or vegan, can all increase your risk of iron deficiency.

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Both the cancer itself and some cancer treatments can lead to iron deficiency and/or anaemia. Around 30% to 45% of people across all types of cancer are iron deficient.

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Coeliac Disease

Coeliac disease can lead to damaged or inflamed intestines meaning that less iron and other nutrients can be absorbed from your diet. Coeliac disease can also lead to bleeding in your gastrointestinal tract and therefore an increased loss of iron from your body. Having coeliac disease increases your chances of also being iron deficient.

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Up to 76% of people with IBD may experience iron deficiency anaemia, due to long term internal bleeding within the intestines, reduced absorption of iron from food and reduced intake of iron-rich foods. As well as iron deficiency, IBD can cause you to become anaemic for other reasons too.

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Front Explore SymptomExplore s

Explore the symptoms of iron deficiency.

Explorador de sintomas de deficiência de ferro.

Check your symptoms with our LiFe app.

Consulte os seus sintomas através do nosso explorador de sintomas.

Signs of Iron Deficiency


Shortness of Breath

Reduced physical capacity.

Falta de ar

Capacidade fisíca reduzida.

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Lack of Concentration

Nervousness and disturbed attention.

Falta de concentração

Nervosismo e défice de atenção.

Chewed Pencil Image


Repeated headaches might
be a sign of iron deficiency.

Dores de Cabeça

Dores de cabeça incessantes podem
ser um sinal de deficiência de ferro.

Nutcracker with Nut Image


Feeling physically or mentally tired.


Sentir-se fisicamente e mentalmente cansado.

Phone with dead battery Image

Hair Loss

Losing clumps of hair or
more hair than normal.

Queda de Cabelo

Perder tufos de cabelo ou mais
cabelo do que o normal.

Hairbrush with hair Image


Notably on the face, nails
inner mouth, and lining of eyes.


Mais notável na face, unhas, interior
da boca e contornos dos olhos.

Mirror Image

Brittle or Spoon
Shaped Nails

Nails that chip and crack easily.

Unhas quebradiças ou
em forma de colher

Unhas que racham e quebram facilmente.

Nail Filer Image

Cold Intolerance

Hands and/or feet are cold
even if the temperature is warm.

Intolerância ao Frio

Mãos e/ou pés frios mesmo
quando está calor.

Water Bottle Image

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Signs of iron deficiency