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Anaemia Manifesto – helping anaemia patients to receive the care they deserve

03.08.16 |

The recently launched  Anaemia Manifesto aims to improve the diagnosis and  management of those affected by iron deficiency anaemia (IDA). 

The official launch of the Anaemia Manifesto took place at the end of June  in the Houses of the Parliament in Westminster, London. On this occasion, Members of Parliament (MPs) joined forces with leading health charities, nurses associations, professional associations and physicians calling for improvement in the diagnosis and care of an estimated 1.83 million patients in the UK  that live with iron deficiency anaemia.

Overall,  it is considered that the management of iron deficiency is suboptimal for the  significant numbers of people who are affected. The Manifesto describes the five  key priority  areas for action:

  • Define best practice principles for optimal IDA management
  • Tailor services locally
  • Develop a stronger evidence base of IDA data
  • Create educational materials for healthcare professionals and those at risk of IDA
  • Define and measure what successful IDA management looks like

The  implementation of the key asks of the Anaemia Manifesto will potentially result in better care for the patient while decreasing the burden for  the local health services. 

To read the Anaemia Manifesto, please click here