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Heart Failure Awareness Day

06.05.16 |
Iron Deficiency Blog

The Heart Failure Awareness Day  is meant to raise awareness about the importance of recognising Heart Failure, getting an accurate diagnosis and receiving optimal treatment.

Heart failure is a serious medical condition where the heart doesn’t pump blood around the body as well as it should. This meant the blood cannot deliver enough oxygen and nourishment for the body to work normally.  

About 50% of heart failure patients have some form of iron deficiency, with and without anaemia. There are many reasons  why this happen:

  • The iron from  the diet may not be absorbed as the gut may be inflamed or sufficient to cover the daily needs of the patient.
  • Drug interactions  may reduce the amount of  iron that is absorbed.
  • Medications may also be causing gastrointestinal  bleeding which means that more iron than normal is lost.

It is important to check for iron deficiency in heart failure patients, as may be associated with reduced physical function,  impaired quality of life as well as with a reduced survival.

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